Buying Tips

You and the love of your life have had a wonderful journey in life together and you are now ready to take the next step: to give her the perfect engagement ring symbolizing your incredible love and commitment.

We want to simplify the process by providing advice and guidance each step of the way. Many people visit a jewellery store and get confused; the store’s staff sometimes does not supply the support and level of product knowledge needed. Often, one finds the right ring but didn’t learn enough about the diamond and ends up with a diamond not of the quality or appropriate size/shape.

Our goal is to eliminate the confusion, the inconsistent information and to provide the best education along with best selection of engagement rings. We present one of the largest selections of engagement rings in the Vancouver area, bringing together North America’s top brands under one roof. Furthermore, if these brands do not carry what you are looking for, our in-store jeweller can create a custom engagement ring to match your amazing vision. To complete the ring, we pair it with the right diamond for you, making certain that you are fully educated on all aspects of the 4 C's and how they affect the value. We are always happy to spend as much time as you like to educate you in an unhurried environment.



  • Make sure your ring is sized perfectly: engagement rings are head heavy so be certain that the measured fingers in room temperature. Do not size your finger when you first enter a jeweller.
  • How you want to wear your engagement ring depends upon your lifestyle; are you the type of person who takes off your rings every time you workout, go to bed or garden? If so, you may want a more comfortable fit. If you intend to wear your ring all the time, a snugger fit may be more appropriate.
  • Choose the carat that is more appropriate for your lifestyle: a higher carat of gold is slightly softer but less prone to react to the body chemistry. The best brands offer nickel-free white gold to ensure that your ring can be worn with absolute comfort and will not react to your skin.
  • Platinum is a great metal choice for a ring because it is more durable than white gold and is a naturally white metal so it never needs to be rhodium plated to maintain its whiteness.
  • More than 80% of engagement rings currently sold are white gold, but rose gold and yellow gold are recently becoming increasingly popular.
  • Ring Style: The Solitaire diamond style is a classic, Halos have become very predominant in the market and we also now see Double and even Triple Halos! You should try on all of these to understand for yourself what looks best and study the advantage of each style.
  • It is most prudent to only deal with jewellers who stand behind every diamond sold with a money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • GIA Diamond Certificates are generally regarded as the most reliable certificate in the industry. There are many alternative laboratories, which may produce inflated reports that you should be wary of.
  • The average size of diamonds for engagement rings sold in North America is 0.75 – 1.0 carat. There is no right or wrong size; you should just choose what is most appropriate for your lifestyle and budget.
  • The most popular diamond shape is the Round Cut, occupying approximately 3/4 of all diamonds sold. The second most popular shape is the Princess Cut, followed by the Cushion Cut. There is no 'best shape,’ all Fancy shapes are as beautiful and unique as you.
  • It is interesting to note that Fancy Cut diamonds are generally at least 35% less in cost than the same size and the same quality if the diamond were round.