Insurance Claims

Jewelry Insurance Policy

It can be very emotionally taxing and time consuming when dealing with heartbreaking damage or loss of treasured jewellery items and family heirlooms. Rodan Jewellers is here to help simplify the insurance claim process and reduce stress and uncertainty. We are a leading insurance claim specialist in the province, bringing 40 years of knowledge and experience. We guide you through the entire process of working with your insurance company to ensure your valuables are restored as quickly and completely as possible. 

Trusted Jewelry Insurance in Vancouver

From the initial steps, through valuation, restoration and replacement, we have a dedicated team of insurance claim specialists. Our GIA trained diamond/coloured stone graders, in-store goldsmiths and design experts have established long term relationships with the insurance industry and fully understand all aspects of the process and procedures. Sources from around the world, coupled with our in-store workshop, assures replacement of difficult-to-replace items. 

Dealing with an insurance claim can be daunting and often overwhelming. Our service, advice and quotations help simplify the process and always are given (are always provided) with absolutely no cost or obligation. Most importantly, it remains our goal to provide seamless and efficient processing of your claim to ensure your satisfaction, highest value, and peace of mind during this difficult time. 

Tips to Help Process Your Jewelry Insurance Claims:

  • Always report burglary or theft to the police. In the event of an accident or loss, contact your Insurance Broker immediately. They can inform you about specifics of the claim process, policy limits, obtaining replacement/repair estimates, and whether your claim exceeds your deductible. An insurance claims adjuster may be assigned to process your claim.
  • Return required documents to your Insurance Broker as soon as possible. You may be required to submit various forms or documents in support of your insurance claim, such as Proof of Loss forms and a copy of the police report. Your Insurance Broker or adjuster will guide you through what is needed.
  • Create a detailed list of damaged items on your property. Identify brand names, model numbers, where and when items were purchased along with original prices. Indicate if the original amount paid was a sale or regular price. Items can be missed during this difficult period. Your list should be reviewed and re-reviewed to ensure it is as complete and thorough as possible. Do not dispose of damaged items, as your adjuster may need to view them.
  • Obtain detailed repair estimates from qualified suppliers. A written estimate will be prepared by Rodan Jewellers outlining full descriptions, metals, weights, lengths, stone sizes, and other specifics including qualities of materials and whether the items were custom made or stock items. Bringing original receipts, pictures of yourself and others wearing the jewellery, policy limits, and appraisals (regardless of age) will all be helpful. Often original prices may not be known or obtainable. Although the more information the better, our experts are here to help ascertain current values regardless of how much information is available.
  • Questions may arise. Our commitment is to work with you and your insurance company to address all concerns and clarify any areas of uncertainty.
  • To request a free insurance claim quotation: please visit us or call anytime. We are here to answer all of your questions and guide you through the entire insurance claim process for replacement of your valuables.